Important information: Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon will take place in 2021 – on September 11th. The decision to postpone the race to September 11th has been made by the board of the Gothenburg Athletics Association in order to create the best possible conditions and ensure that the race can take place. Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon coupled with Göteborgsvarvet Marathon on September 19th will create a world unique running week in Gothenburg. Read more >
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Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon 2021


Saturday 2021-09-11 at 13:00
21,1 km
695 kr

With over 60,000 registered runners and more than 200,000 dedicated supporters along the race course. Since the start in 1980 over 1,4 million runners have registered for the race – are you going to be next?

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